Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let the Wedding Festivities Begin...(in 2 months) :)

Ok, so I know that none of the events I am going to tell you about start until April 16th but technically, for me, the planning has already started! I have been trying to get my schedule of PTO (paid-time-off) days ready for my boss at work. This might seem like an easy process for some, but for me, living 15 hours from home makes planning for all of these bachelorette parties, showers, rehearsal dinners, and weddings a little difficult. I only get 15 days a year of PTO at work. All of my co-workers make fun of me for all of the weddings/etc. this spring and summer and they call my PTO, WTO (weddings-time-off)! Ha!

I finally got my days off approved yesterday so now I have to book all of my plane tickets! Its going to cost a pretty penny but thankfully I have the best mom in the world and she is going to pay for my flights home!!! (AWESOME I know! )

The trips begin on April 16th when I board a plane and head to Nashville, TN for Haley Wiggins bachelorette weekend!! I am SO excited for many reasons! One being that we get to celebrate Haley getting married...and another reason being that this will be the first time to see my friends since Christmas (and some of my friends that I havent seen since September!!!) The next event I have is the following weekend in Memphis for Caroline Pugh's shower! Then, the next weekend is immediately after that for Caroline Pugh's bachelorette party!! Then, on the first weekend in May, John and I are headed BACK to Memphis for Patrick Jones and Kerra Rogers wedding!! (John is a groomsmen in the wedding.) Yes, I know...that is FOUR weekends in a row!! I am so excited!!! Then, we have a bit of a break inbetween events. The next one is on May 21st for Caroline Pugh and Jeremy Plyer's wedding in Memphis!! I am SO excited to be a part of this special day! This has been a long time coming for them! They have dated for about 7 years it seems like! Then, we have Haley Wiggins and Joseph Murphy's wedding in Oxford, MS on June 11th! I am SO excited to be a part of Haley's special day!

The next wedding festivities dont start up again until August and October. Alex Cowart and Trent Yates are getting married on August 6th in Vicksburg, MS! I will also be a bridesmaid in her wedding. And finally, the last wedding we are a part of...so far (unless any of my other good friends get engaged), is in October when Justin Sparks and Kathryn Ruleman get married in Memphis (John will be a groomsmen!)

Haley, Caroline, and Alex were all a part of my wedding and I cant wait to return the favor to them on their special day!

Whew...I am worn out from explaining all of the wedding festivities but can not wait to update the blog on all of the events leading up to each one of the weddings! :)

I cant believe that I have already been married for 8 months!! It feels like yesterday that I was planning my wedding and all of the parties that come along with it! I LOVE married life and can not wait for them to experience life as newlyweds!

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