Tuesday, January 25, 2011

There is a First for Everything...

Ok, first of all I just want to thank Brooke Ruff for making this possible!! Without her, my blog would be ugly! She designed the whole thing for me because I know nothing about blogs...so please bear with me!

I first decided that I wanted to start a blog for many reasons...one being how cute they can be and two being that I am living in Richmond, VA and my family and friends need to know whats going on in my life! For those of you who dont know, I am not from here! I have spent the last 20 years of my life in Memphis, TN/Oxford, MS. On June 5th 2010 I married my best friend and man of my dreams! He also is from Memphis but got a job at a brokerage firm in Richmond, VA so I soon found myself moving into a town where I knew NO ONE! It is no secret that I am outspoken and have lots of friends...except for in Virginia! For the first time in my life I am having to learn how to make friends and live on my own! Crazy, I know, but up until this point in my life did I have to learn how to be a "grown up." It has been hard but it is definately for the best! I am slowly making friends, which is a good thing because everyone knows I love my girlfriend time! :) I am also learning how to be a wife...which again is hard as crap because not only do I have to take care of myself but I also have to try and be a "good" wife and take care of my hubby as well!

I am looking at this blog as a work in progess in many ways. One--hopefully it will make me become a better writer. Two--I can inform my family and friends about what is going on 900 miles from home. Three--I can slowly (but surely) show everyone that I am turning into a "grown up." And lastly--tell everyone about my day to day experiences in Richmond, Virginia as the Mr. and Mrs. John Greer! :)

Hope you enjoy! :)

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  1. Whitney!!

    That's so fun that you started a blog! Seems like I can't keep up with you lately, so I'm glad I can at least read about what's going on with you!

    Love you and miss you!! Excited to see you for some of the wedding festivities!