Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cool Change...I hope

So I cant give away too much information about the change that I am talking about because things have not been finalized...but there is about to be some changes happening at work that will turn out to be in my favor...I hope! :)

The past few weeks at work have been CRAZY!! Two of my co-workers, who have been at my branch for 3 and a half years, both got promotions and will be leaving the branch to move onto bigger and better things...ABM!! (Assistant Branch Managers!!) Yay for Philip and Matt!! The bad news work load just became an overload!! I am trying to look at it as a time of endless opportunities and a learning situation but things have been super stressful. I know it will take some time, but eventually it will all work out! (Keep your fingers crossed and I will update you on the situation ASAP...) :)

On another note, John is on cloud 9 right now!! For the first time in two years, he is fishing!! Since moving to Richmond he has basically put his favorite hobbies on the back burner. He cant go hunting because he doesn't have any place to go and he hasn't been able to go fishing because he hasn't had time to work on his boat. These past few weekends, John has been working for hours to get his boat in "fishing" condition and he has finally finished! He got up really early this morning, packed lunch, put Buddy in the car, and headed to pick up his friend Oliver for their day of fishing on the James River! I have talked with him twice today and he is having a ball!! Buddy isn't very fond of the boat but John has been sending me picture text messages of Buddy sleeping and hanging out and he looks like he is in paradise! Ha!

I am so happy John was able to get out and do what he loves to do! :)

47 more days till I am reunited with Haley and all of her bridesmaids in Nashville, TN for her BACHELORETTE WEEKEND!!! SOO excited!!

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